Murder Mystery Evening

Saturday 7th April

Enjoy an evening of murdermystery, suspense & thrills on Saturday 7th April.


At 62.95 per head, including a 3 course meal, put your investigative skills to the test and enjoy anevening of murdermystery and intrigue, courtesy of The Killing Game.


About the Evening

What’s the plot?
Filming is due to start on a British horror film, “Better The Devil”. It is based loosely on a successful book of the same name, inspired by a series of events and local legends
from the quiet village of Duckham. The producers are keen to film in Duckham itself. Knowing the disruption their presence will have on the local community while they are
filming, they are throwing a party for some of the key residents of the village. They hope it will give them a chance to outline their plans to the residents, win over those who
oppose the filming and to get their working relationship off to a good start.

Who am I?
You are asked to play along as locals from Duckham – you can either be starstruck fans keen to meet the stars or those who are more concerned about the disruption. The main
characters in the story (the actors) will be some of the production team and stars of the film as well as some of the most outspoken local opposition.

What is going to happen?
Someone is going to die. Okay, that’s obvious – throughout the evening a number of actors will play the central characters in the plot, but you are asked to play along as if you
are Duckham residents. Scenes will go on around you and it is up to you to try and listen in so you can figure out what is going on. Also you will be given a programme on arrival which will have photos of all the actors and some clues, which may be important or they may be red herrings. You will also be able to chat to any of the characters throughout the evening, ask them questions and they will either give you answers (not necessarily the truth) or react in a way that could tell you just as much. Towards the end of the evening someone will die or be found dead. At that point the action stops, all the surviving suspects are lined up and you get a chance to question them publicly – only now they have to answer and, if they are innocent, they have to tell the truth (as they believe it to be). The murderer may lie, or tell the truth, whatever is most likely to put you off the scent! Once you have thoroughly grilled the suspects, you get a chance to fill in an answer form, after which awards will be given for the best answer or answers.

What do I wear?
Smart casual dress please (no jeans or trainers).

What time does it start and finish?
You are asked to meet in the bar by 7.30pm during which time the characters will start to arrive and give out the programmes.
The murder mystery will start at 7.30pm prompt, so make sure you arrive in plenty of time. There will be an announcement to let you know the action is under way but the actors will be in character from the moment you meet them. Dinner will be served from around 8pm, although don’t think you can let your concentration drop as the action will continue throughout. The end time depends on how keen everyone is during the questioning session at the end, but it will probably be around 11pm, give or take a quarter of an hour.