Our newly refurbished lobby

Oatlands Park Hotel, which is a Grade II listed building, stands as a witness of history, and as such it was important to us to keep the heritage of the hotel intact. Through this revitalisation project, our design company 4M Group and building company MJL Building Services have done a wonderful job so far in our renovations, whilst respecting the hotel’s unique heritage.

Our lobby is near to completion with final works being done on our integrated lobby bar. We would love to welcome you all to stop by for drinks in Bar 1509 or some food in our Mulberry restaurant, and to view the changes to our hotel so far.

A lobby to welcome guests and visitors

With the goal of creating a comforting, enchanting and welcoming space right at the moment of entering the building, 4M Group proposed a larger reception area and main lobby, with space for visitors to walk around and interact. The new main lobby incorporates an integrated bar and a lounge area, allowing visitors to feel comfortable in a spacious venue from the very first moment of their arrival.

The rich heritage of Oatlands Park Hotel is enhanced through beautiful details, and special care in the choice of materials. The design is highly enriched by the elegant flooring of natural marble and wood stained in black, reclaiming the value of classy oak wood. Reclaiming the history of the hotel, the new lobby is refurbished with marmorino walls, recreating the same italianate style walls designed when the venue was originally transformed as a hotel in the 19th century. A glass chandelier looks down from a privileged position as a classy symbol of the luxurious past in this reenergised, historic venue.

Heritage translated in the details: The Cedar of Lebanon trees and the artistic soul

A new tattoo painting above the balcony area is presented as a mirror of the close relationship of the hotel with natural heritage and its surroundings. One of the first ever Cedar of Lebanon trees imported into England still stands in the grounds of the Oatlands Park Hotel that remains surrounded by green areas and the Broadwater lake. The existing glazed dome, which already brings large amounts of light into the lobby, motivated the design team of 4M to bring nature inside the building, presenting it as a greenhouse which welcomes the visitor into the hotel.

Lobby - 1
Lobby - 1 - After
Lobby - 2 - Before
Lobby - 2 - After
Lobby - 3 - Before
Lobby - 3 - After

About the companies

With this project 4M Group provided the design and the building work was carried out by MJL Buildings Services. The project was supervised by Paul Hudson Associates, Project Coordination and Management.

4M is a design and build company, who take a holistic approach to all of their projects. Around the globe, 4M has gained international recognition with award-winning designs. Included in this is a Mies Van der Rohe nomination in 2018, being a winner of the 2013 World Interior News (WIN) Awards for Hamam Jazz Bar; participating in the 13th Architectural Biennale in Venice 2012; being the recipients of the award for Architectural innovation by the Kosovan Architectural Association; and having been named as one of the Top 50 eco-sustainable firms in the UK by Open Cities in 2009.

Through vision, and a fundamental dedication to provide the best innovation, 4M Group is a thriving organisation delivering contemporary, heritage, complex architectural and design solutions across private and public sectors, both UK wide and internationally.

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